Andre the Giant’s Wife: All about her

Today we will talk about Andre the giant’s wife.  Jean Christiansen was the wife of “Andre the Giant”, a famous and popular WWF wrestler. Since Jean and Andre got married, both couples have become much more famous and Andre’s fans have also started following Jean.

Who was Andre the Giant?

Andre the Giant is a French wrestler and actor. His real name is André René Roussimoff, Furthermore, he was born on May 19, 1946

Height and Weight

He stood over 7 feet tall and weighed around 500 pounds (approximately 227 kilograms) during his prime wrestling career. However, his weight fluctuated over the years due to various factors, including health issues and aging.

What is the meaning of giant?

The meaning of giant is that a person or thing that is very large or powerful.

 Who is Jean Christiansen?

Andre the giant’s wife’s name is Jean Christiansen. Despite of their career and public figure personality they try to manage their personal life hide and outside the wrestling arena.


Here the question arises who discovered Andre the Giant then the answer is that due to his immense stature, it seemed inevitable that Andre would excel in the wrestling world. He had just started to make a name for himself in the ring as “Monster Eiffel Tower” or “Monster Roussimoff” when French-Canadian.

  • He is famous because of his weight and size.
  • Due to the disease of hormones, Andre’s body started growing throughout his whole life.
  • Moreover, his fans and loved ones know him as Andre the Giant or The Gentle Giant.
  • Andre the Giant passed away on January 27, 1993.
  • Andre the Giant gained fame in the wrestling world.
  • In addition, Andre also appeared in several movies including “The Princess Bride,” where he played the role of Fezzik.
  • He appeared in many high–figure wrestling.
  • Despite, his success He faced many financial challenges due to his health and lifestyle issues.
  • He was 7 feet and weighed around about 500 pounds.
  • This couple never registered their marriage license.
  • Andre the Giant had a hormonal disorder.
  • Andre was suffering from a disease named acromegaly.


Acromegaly is a hormonal disease that occurs when the pituitary gland produces too much growth hormone (GH) after the growth plates have closed during puberty.  


Now the question arises what are the signs of this disease so, few we will discuss as follows

  • Due to this disease enlargement of hands and feet than normal people.
  • Hormonal imbalance due to this results in a large height and overweight.
  • Enlargement of internal organs, such as the heart, liver, and kidneys.
  • Joint pain and many other health issues.
  • Sleep disturbance, headache, and many more issues.

Andre the giant’s wife

Jean Christiansen was the wife of the late wrestler Andre the Giant. Jean Christiansen was also a wrestler in the 70s and also worked in public relations in wrestling. However, they both married and they had a daughter. Their daughter’s name was Robyn who is also a wrestler like her father.

Where do they both meet?

Jean Christiansen married to Andre the Giant. Jean Christiansen met with Andre the Giant in 1974 while doing PR for wrestling.

Andre the Giant’s Wife

Jean Christiansen never discloses her private life in public.  However, she never officially married to Andre. This was very shocking news for listeners that they both had a daughter. Besides Jean Christiansen became very famous because he was the wife of Andre the Giant.

Profession of Andre the Giant’s Wife

She was also a public figure personality. So, most of the time she kept her personal life hidden from the media. But she became famous quickly due to her husband as he was the most famous wrestler.  Additionally, she was also a wrestler. Their daughter was also a wrestler like both of them.

Net Worth

Her determination gives us hope, so we’ll overlook the fact that her net worth isn’t exactly $1,000. As the late wife of a well-known, accomplished grappler, she undoubtedly makes an amazing most. As the spouse of a celebrity, she still leads an opulent life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Did Andre the Giant have any children?

Yes, they have a daughter.

Which book is written on Andre the Giant?

One notable book written about André the Giant is “Andre the Giant: Life and Legend” by Box Brown.

At which age did Andre the Giant die?

He has died at the age of 46.

Final Words

Overall Andre the Giant had a great personality. He struggled in his whole life.

To conclude Andre the Giant’s wife also had an amazing personality. She became famous due to her husband.

Hence we concluded that fans may be curious about celebrities’ personal lives, it’s essential to recognize that not everything needs to be publicly disclosed.

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