Ashley Elliott Husband Facts and All We Know

Ashley Elliott is a popular influencer and TikTok influencer who is famous among many people due to his hair gel videos. She is a creator of combat gel.  Let’s dive into the Ashley Elliott Husband facts and all the factors we know. She created this combat gel because she had many hair problems so, the solution to this problem she create a combat gel.

Here the question arises? What is the benefit of this combat gel? This gel keeps your hair secure and neat all day. Ashley Elliott is married to Kendall and they both have two kids.

About Ashley Elliott

Ashley Elliott or Combat Gel Lady (she is known by this name). She has 15 million followers on TikTok. Ashley Elliott is a big fan of body art. She has a wide range of collections like butterflies, flowers, and many other tattoos. She also has a hair gel brand, Combat Gel. The slogan of her brand is very unique that is “stronger than your relationship”.

This is available in all types of flavors like watermelon, and peach, and the consistency is thick.  She is a strong lady who faces many hardships in life. People love her videos she often makes videos with her husband. Ashley Elliott has two kids and she also has a strong relationship with his sister.

Ashley Elliott Husband Facts and all we know on many different sites and also declared by Ashley that her marriage has ended.

The Heartwarming Tale of Ashley Elliott’s Husband

You may have heard many heartwarming tales before but you may never hear the most interesting facts about Ashley Elliott’s husband. Behind every strong woman, there is always a remarkable partner who always stays with his partner in every ups and downs of life. So, Ashley Elliott’s husband is also one of them.

Their tale reminds us of the power of love that can face any challenge of life because they both are strengths of each other and they both are an inspiration and a source of motivation for each other.

Their love story also starts like others with love, laughter, support, and promises, and they see the future of both together. But life is not always as same they face many struggles and challenges in all hardships Ashley Elliott’s husband has been her steadfast support through it all.

Ashley’s husband stood by her side like a rock she never feels alone when he is by her side. He loves her unconditionally and never lets her down no matter which types of hardships they are facing.


A man named Kendall was married to Ashley Elliott. She is an influencer and has many social media followers. Kendall appears in the fitness. He may not disclose his profession, and it is not clear. This couple has been together for almost seven years. But according to recent news their marriage has ended.

A controversy that is most famous on TikTok is that Kendall who is the husband of Ashley Elliott left his wife for other women. Many facts behind their controversy are still unclear.

But according to many reporters and also according to his she also declared that he had cheated on her for other women. The most heart-touching words by his wife, “She had never thought this happened.

She never had a job and she never enhanced her skills she just depended on her husband and thought about her husband and that he would take care of his wife and children but he left her alone.

Ashley later admitted on the TikTok that her marriage is not good. Her relationship with her husband was not like a healthy relationship. She also said that in the starting years of the marriage they both had very peaceful life and they both had a strong bond. Later, Ashley acknowledged the fact about her that he was having an extramarital affair.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Who is Ashley Elliott?

Ashley Elliott is a famous influencer and Tik Tok influencer and she is also known for her hair brand.

Who is Ashley Elliott’s husband?

Ashley Elliott’s husband’s name is Kendall. Mostly appeared in videos with her wife.

Facts about Ashley Elliott’s husband?

Ashley Elliott’s husband’s name is Kendall. His identity is unknown on social media. But due to his wife Ashley, people may know him. This man cheated on his pretty wife for other women. He also has two kids. He never thought about them.

How did Ashley Elliott fans come to know about the news that she is not living with her husband?

 A few weeks back, fans started noticing that the videos featuring her husband were disappearing from Elliott’s platform. Around the time that she released her video where she discussed a hypothetical situation involving a husband, she seemed to have stopped wearing her wedding band.


Hence we concluded that based on research and news on many different sites and also declared by Ashley that her marriage has ended. It is not yet confirmed whether they have finalized their divorce or not

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