Branded Virtual Office Backgrounds for Your Whole Team

Whether you are a small business owner or a manager at a larger company, you can license branded virtual office backgrounds for every member of your team. Find out how to provide a matching background to your whole team or give team members access to a selection of branded backgrounds to use during virtual meetings and events.

Commercial Licensing

Commercial licenses are available for one or more background designs. You can select a single background or several background images that represent the culture, purpose and values of a business and your team. You will need a user license for each team member who will use a custom Zoom background with logo.

As with business software, investing in commercial licenses is the best way to provide your whole team with access to custom virtual office backgrounds. Licenses grant every user the right to use high-resolution background images that you can customize with your logo. 

Dynamic Pricing Options

Team leaders have several pricing options to choose from for virtual office backgrounds. You can purchase any number of user licenses for a single virtual office background for Teams with the decor and setting of your choice that you customize with your logo.

Some team leaders prefer to provide members with several different styles of branded backgrounds. You could license formal and casual backgrounds for team members to use during different types of meetings. If visual consistency is not your top priority, you can also purchase user licenses for packages of offices that team members can choose from and customize.

Uniform Designs

Having your whole team use the same virtual office background design can foster a sense of shared identification and reduce distractions during internal meetings. When team members have the same background in a conference or call with external stakeholders, it can present a united front and make it clear which meeting attendees are on the same team.

The large selection of professional Zoom backgrounds that you can customize could make it hard to choose just one representative background. You should factor in the culture of your company, the design of your business logo and the purpose of a team when selecting one or more background designs to use during any type of meeting. A cool logo design helps your business stand out for branding and is distinguishable, so that it will not blend into the background.

Customization Options

In addition to choosing background designs for your team, you can customize any free or premium design with your business logo. Premium backgrounds do not have a service watermark, which can eliminate a potential source of confusion or distraction. Licensing packages of 25 offices can also allow for more customization if you would like to give team members the ability to choose and customize their own backgrounds.

There are many benefits to licensing matching branded backgrounds for your whole team. Virtual backgrounds can be useful during internal virtual meetings and when team members represent your company in video conferences and calls with potential clients or customers. Browse a large selection of virtual office backgrounds to select the best designs to customize and license for every member of your team.

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