Laura Farms Age, Net Worth, and many more

Laura Wilson is a farmer and popular YouTuber. Her channel name is “Laura Farms”. Let’s dive into the article to know more about Laura Farms age.

Who is Laura Farm?

Her real name is Laura Wilson. Laura Farms is a corn and soybean farmer in Hamilton County. She is a 22-year-old farmer from South-Central Nebraska. She started making online content in 2020 because that’s when she started renting ground and farming.

Inspiring Biography of Laura Farms Age

 Laura has an inspiring personality. Laura Farms is a farm in Nebraska, USA. Furthermore, she also has a YouTube channel where she posts every farming-related video for the fourth generation.

She was born on 11 May into a family of farmers.

BornMarquette, Hamilton Country Nebraska , U.S.
Real nameLaura Wilson.
OccupationFarmer, You Tuber.
Farm locationNebraska.
Mother nameMegan Nelson Carlson
Husband nameGrant

Laura Farms Age

Laura Wilson (Laura Farm) as she is also a YouTuber. So, mostly she shares videos related to farming on her blogs (vlogs). She has a large number of fans following. However, her fans are curious to know about Laura Farms age.

Age22 years old.

Brief History of Laura’s Farm

She started farming as a hobby. Later, she started a YouTube channel and started posting her related to farms on it. Laura Wilson was the person with the idea, wanted a place where farming helps the environment and supports the local community by growing good crops.

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Net Worth

Since she started her YouTube channel.  She shows her life as a farmer in Nebraska, USA, where her family has been farming for four generations.

Net Worth$2,300,000 USD

Moreover, this is all based on farms through which she earned and the heavy machinery that she uses.


Here we are sharing the most interesting about Laura that meanwhile, she is also earning from you tube. She talks about the good and hard parts of being a farmer.

If you want to know about modern farming from a young farmer’s perspective, you should watch her channel.

Income$11,700 per month on YouTube.

YouTube Channel of Laura Farm age

She is a farmer. Subsequently, she started a youtube channel. Where she shared many ways of modern farming and techniques. Her youtube channel name is “Laura Farms”. On the channel, you can watch her daily farm activities, like growing corn and soybeans.

You Tube Channel

Some Cool Facts about Laura Farm

  • Hence, her favorite tractor is a John Deere 8345R.
  • Apart from farming, Laura likes many outdoor activities like wakeboarding, jeeping, dirt biking, camping, etc.
  • Despite, her successful journey she is married to a man named Grant Wilson.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the plans of Laura?

She has many plans. Because she is a YouTuber and farmer as well. But one that she shared is that she wanted to own her farms in Nebraska.

Where is Laura Farm located?

Nebraska, USA.

How big is Laura Farms?

Laura Farms is pretty big and is focused on producing corn and soybeans.

Who is the owner of Laura Farms?

However, Laura Wilson and her family are the owners of Laura Farms.


Hence it is concluded that we try to cover all the facts and figures regarding Laura Farms’ age. Furthermore, she is very talented her fans are also inspired by the way she educated people about farming.

On the other hand, she wanted to help the local people by growing crops. She also shares techniques, types of equipment, collaborations with other farmers, and off-the-farm, outdoor fun.

Moreover, if we talk about Laura Farms’ age. She is 22 years old passionate and talented lady.

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