The Most Outstanding News From The Gaming World

     Gaming industries keep conquering their fans’ love all over the world. We get so much amazing news every month from the gaming sphere and the gaming world. So many new companies are willing to reach the top tiers. So many players join this marvelous gaming world every hour. Anytime you get tired from a hard-working day, you can always chill and rest with a and test your luck there. We are going to talk about recent news from the gaming world. Play fair and have fun! 

Resident Evil 9

       Insider Dusk Golem spoke about the location of the ninth part of Resident Evil. According to his information, events were observed and horrors were spreading in a rural town located on an island in the seas of Southeast Asia.

    According to the blogger, Capcom took inspiration from Singapore to create the game Island. Previously, Dusk Golem noted that Resident Evil 9 will have a full-fledged open world, the game will be released in early 2025.

      The ninth part of Resident Evil may be presented at the PlayStation presentation in May, around which there are now many rumors. The last numbered part of the franchise – Village – will be released in the spring of 2021.

     During the events of Dusk Golem, Capcom has several Resident Evil remakes, one of which will be a reimagining of Resident Evil 5.

EA: Battlefield 2025

      EA head Andrew Wilson, in a conversation with investors after the publication of the quarterly report, commented on the progress of the development of Battlefield 2025. He said that the shooter is already playable. The largest team in the history of the franchise is working on it.

    The EA added also that they recently managed to play the current build with the developers. They were pleased with what they saw. They commented that the team was preparing an amazing service game.

      This is the largest Battlefield team in the history of the franchise. Andrew Wilson met with the teams a few weeks ago and was delighted with what they showed and what we were able to play. What they are working on will be another cool game service.

      The next Battlefield installment is being developed by DICE, Criterion Games, Ripple Effect, EA Motive, and EA Gothenburg. Teams are working on a combined Battlefield universe with a single-player campaign and online play. Rumor has it that a battle royale game is also in the works.

      The new Battlefield, according to media reports, is planned for October 2025. It is expected that after experimenting with 2042, the shooter will return to its roots – 64 players, a class system, and advanced destructibility.

Hades 2

       Hades 2 made a surprise Early Access release the other day. The game is already showing impressive numbers in terms of the number of concurrent users on Steam.

     As of this writing, over 88,000 players are making their way through Supergiant Games’ first-ever sequel. And the peak in 24 days exceeded 103 thousand players. This significantly exceeds the results of its predecessor. The concurrent online record for the original Hades is 37,749 people. However, it is worth noting that the first part was originally an Epic Games Store exclusive and only later reached Valve.

      Additionally, it looks like the launch of Hades 2 could end up boosting the first game’s performance as well. According to SteamDB, over the past 24 hours, the original Hades peak online reached 36,043 players, approaching a four-year record.

      With Hades 2’s Early Access debut yesterday, Supergiant Games said it plans to release the game’s first major update “later this year” and will be closely monitoring player feedback in the meantime.

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