Vladimir Shmondenko

Vladimir Shmondenko is a guy widely known who started lifting weights. Shmondenko’s journey is a testament to the power of passion and perseverance in art.

About Vladimir Shmondenko

He was born in Ukraine. Born on a cattle farm near the tiny village of Krishtopovka in 1999, he became fascinated by American bodybuilder videos after the village got internet. He created his gym using wood, bricks, and Soviet-era tractor parts.

Here’s everything you need about the Ukrainian weightlifter and YouTube star.

Full NameVladimir Shmondenko
Birth placeKrishtopovka, Ukraine
Date of BirthAugust 10, 1999
Current HomeDubai, United Arab Emirates
Height5’11” (180 cm.)
Net Worth$2-3 million (Unofficial)
WifeValeria who is a lingerie model


Vladimir Shmondenko was born in Ukraine. Now, he is living in Dubai.

Birth place  Ukraine

How did he start?

It’s a very interesting story. He was born in a tiny village in the central Ukraine. Hence he got internet service at 14 years old. Besides he used this service to know the weights. In addition, he created its weights through bricks, tractor parts, and wood.

Furthermore, he adopted this as a profession. He made a gym at home from improvised materials and began to train people about fitness.

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Vladimir Shmondenko Goal

He had a goal and a dream to become a professional athlete and a sportsman.

Vladimir Shmondenko’s Programs

He also offers training programs that we discuss in the below table

Men workout programThis is the advanced program for gym.
Men  pro workout programTraining program for the gym for 8 weeks.
Women pro workout programThis is the advanced program for the gym.

Vladimir Shmondenko

Mostly the question arises as to why is Vladimir Shmondenko known as Anatoly Powerlifter. He goes by the stage name Anatoly Powerlifter in the gym.

However, “Anatoly” is a weedy cleaner or retiree – the comedy of his performances lying in the deceptive power of appearances.

The alias serves as a comic alter ego, like Barry Humphries’s invention of Dame Edna Everage.

Vladimir Shmondenko Videos

In the modern social media world, it’s tough to be sure. Usually, it goes like this: Wearing a wig, beard, glasses, and his trademark blue overalls, “Anatoly” approaches a big guy or guys lifting heavy weights, and between sets, he asks to move the weight to mop the floor or just asks to try the lift. Then, to the apparent surprise of the big guy, he makes the lift look easy, sometimes with one hand.

Furthermore, he also has a social media account.

social media9 Million Subscribers
Sports International Masters10 years

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vladimir Shmondenko net worth?

Vladimir Shmondenko’s net worth is around £1.45million, off the back of YouTube revenue and fitness brand sponsorships.

Who is Vladimir Shmondenko?

YouTube content creator and personality who is best known for his self-titled channel. Accordingly, he publishes workout, weight training, and gym prank videos. Moreover, he has more than 2.1 million subscribers on the platform.

Where is Vladimir Shmondenko?

 He is from Ukraine.

 How is Anatoly so Strong?

With a deadlift personal record of 290 kg (639 lbs) and a squat personal record of 210 kg (462 lbs), it’s clear his approach packs a serious punch. Thus many folks are fixated on bulking up their muscles, he’s all about functional strength.


Summing up, in this article, we will cover all the facts about Vladimir Shmondenko. Nevertheless, he was so famous that social media fans followed him. However, Vladimir Shmondenko goes by the stage name Anatoly Powerlifter in the gym.

In brief, he has many other plans.

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